Get Cash for Your Diamonds

Sell your jewelry in Charlotte, NC

Do you have diamond jewelry in your home or in your jewelry box? Not sure where to sell diamonds in Charlotte, NC? South Charlotte Jewelry & Loan is your best choice for selling your diamond jewelry. Whether you need cash fast, looking for a short terms loans, or you don’t want to simply donate your diamonds to your local retail store, our friendly staff is at your service.

Call or stop by to learn more about our rates or short term loans.

Put your old jewelry to good use

Put your old jewelry to good use

Unless you’re planning on saving your old jewelry for a special occasion or member of your family, maybe your pieces could be put to better use! Consider selling your old diamond jewelry when you:

  • Need cash
  • Are cleaning out your jewelry box
  • Are saving for an expense

Our experienced team members will make sure you get the most money for your diamonds or any other jewelry piece you may have. We also sell high end watches with brands such as Rolex, Breitling, Cartier, and Tag Heuer. Gather your jewelry and stop by today.